Fostering Behavior Change for Better Health

Supplemental Content, STanford Social Innovation Review BLOG

Blog by Aarthi Rao and Sandra McCoy
Research Team: Aarthi Rao, Prosper F. Njau, Agatha Mnyippembe, Kassim Hassan, Nancy Czaicki, 
Sergio Bautista-Arredondo, and Sandra McCoy
Design by Kate Sallai

Patient Personas and Patient Journey Maps.  The five patient personas presented here are fictional personifications of typical HIV-infected patients in Shinyanga, Tanzania. For example, "Big Picture Thinkers" are patients living with HIV who are strongly motivated to stay healthy by their personal and family goals such as supporting their spouses, caring for their children, etc. While they may encounter many obstacles, they have strong personal motivation to adhere to treatment. The corresponding patient journey maps represent important stages in the patient's experience with HIV treatment that influence adherence behavior. These maps can help program planners assess when and how to support each type of patient. (Click on images to view as full screen.)

Big Picture Thinker

Courageous Fighter


No Tomorrows

Lone Zebras